2018 Ciamillo Red Micro SL Edition Brakes

2018 Ciamillo Red Micro SL Edition Brakes



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Product Description

The 2018 Ciamillo Micro SL

MSRP $489

The new 2018 Ciamillo Micro SLs represent an evolution consisting of 14 years of learning on what makes a brake work. In partnership with us, Ted overhauled the brake to further refine a good idea and take it to the next level. Familiar with the Micros?

  • Look closely you'll see some significant changes to include a new center hybrid M7 - M6 Torque center bolt - a carry over from the Gravitas project.
  • A refined spring nut reducing excess material and bridging the spring in for an even tighter fit in order to maintain long spring life.
  • New U.S. made titanium bolts in the pad holders from Nettek
  • Dramatic enhanced machining along the arm of the brake
  • Iimprovements from the 2016 micro cam were also incorporated allowing use of rims from 18-29mm rims. The Micro cam eliminates the need for the sphericals in all but the extreme case of 18mm and 19mm rims. With a few turns of a set screw on the top of the Micro cam, the stance of the caliper can be adjusted through a range of 6mm. The setup is simplified to installing the caliper and setting the stance to the preferred 1.5mm gap on each side of the rim via adjustment of the Micro cam set screw.

Simply put, this is the lighest brake ever made by Ciamillo at between 77 and 78 grams per caliper, a total set weight of 154-155g.. all the stopping power of Dura-Ace, Artisan craftsmanship from Ciamillo, and technology unrivaled. Without doubt.. the best real caliper brake ever made.




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  • Manufactured by: Ciamillo Artisan Works


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