Black Micro Cam Upgrade (for all 2012+ Ciamillo Brakes)




Product Description

The all new 2017 Micro Cam is available in a kit to upgrade all Negative G, GSL, and Gravitas road calipers (Includes two complete Micro Cams, two quick releases, and two eclips). The 2017 Micro Cam is an improvement to the Ciamillo road calipers in that it allows for easier setup, faster changeovers between rims of different widths, and constant modulation and cam stroke throughout the life of the pads. In 2016, Ciamillo hardened the anodizing and enhanced pin actuation for the cam. In 2017, they refined their milling techniques to give the cam an even cleaner finish.

The upgrade is performed by simply removing the e-clip which holds the old cam on the brake. The quick-release slides out the front and the old cam is free. To insert the new Micro Cam, replace the quick-release with the new alloy one, attach the Micro Cam to the post of the quick-release, and re install the e-clip.

Here are the advantages of the new Micro Cam:

Easier setup ? Dialing in a 1.5mm to 2 mm gap per side is difficult to do on some rims without using up some of the stroke of the caliper. When setting the gap, it is important to get the pads in the ballpark of 2mm using the double-sided sphericals but sometimes that can be difficult if the rim falls in between spherical options. When the barrel adjuster is used to close the gap, it uses up stroke of the cam which has the effect of reducing the usable pad life. When the cam rises through its stroke as the pads wear, it will eventually hit the bottom side of the barrel adjuster and the brake will cease to provide clamping force to the rim. The Micro Cam eliminates this problem by allowing initial setup to be dialed in using the set screw on the cradle of the cam to adjust the gap. This set screw can be further adjusted in lieu of or in combination with the barrel adjuster throughout the life of the pad giving you better power for longer.

Fast Changeovers - There are a lot of rim widths for road bikes these days and many times a simple adjustment to the barrel adjuster is not enough to compensate for the difference in width when changing between rims. The Micro cam has a 6 mm range of stance. This allows you to go from a 25mm rim down to a 19mm rim with a few simple turns of the set screw on the cradle of the Micro Cam making the new Micro setup the fastest way to switch from training wheels to race wheels.

Constant Modulation ? The Micro Cam allows for constant modulation throughout the life of the pad. The classic design had a slightly changing leverage ratio throughout the life of the pads due to the cam rising through the stroke as the pads wear. If the Micro Cam is used to maintain the gap as the pads wear, then the stroke remains constant and very near the original feel of power when first setup throughout the life of the pads.

Ciamillo products are in great demand and sometimes we run out of stock. Contact us at info@irishcycles.com if we are out of stock to be put on a waiting list. Once the item is in stock, we will let you know so you may choose to purchase.


  • Model: MICROCAM
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • 1 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Carolina Precision Components


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