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Have a question, please check out our FAQs below and if we've not answered it, write us here

How do I make a return/exchange of an item?

Just jot down your notes or any questions you've got. We'll be in contact with you ASAP by email or phone.

How do I make a return/exchange of an item?

For clothing inclusive or shoes or helmets, all sales are final. Specialty configured bicycles sales are final. Frames and components can be returned within 14 days of sale if they've not been used. Wheels can be returned within 14 days inclusive of a test ride if no damage is seen. They will be subject to a 20% restocking fee as they technically become used at that point.

How do I change something on my order?

You can cancel your order up to 3 hours after you place your purchase by contacting us directly at info@irishcycles.com. It is only possible to cancel both partial and whole orders and seek refund.

Why isn't my digital coupon or promotion code working?

Ensure both you're eligible and that the coupon/promotion code has not expired first. If the code is still good to use sometimes clearing out your cookies can refresh the site to accept the code.

What customs charges will I be liable for?

Orders delivered outside the United States may be subject to your, or the destination country's Customs Duties. Unfortunately we have no control over this part of your order's journey and the best advice will come from your local customs office. 

Can I choose the courier for my delivery?

Yes and no. We will typically ship the most cost effective means to you. You can however specify directly to us at info@irishcycles.com that you wish to use a specific shipment method for your purchases. We will attempt to make sure you get it as quickly and economically as possible! Some locations however such as APOs, FPOs and POs require certain shipping methods only.

My order has not arrived yet?

Sometimes mistakes happen or our courier partners can be slower than expected in delivering your order. Don't worry it is usually easy to sort out in a few simple steps.We ask you check USPS or Federal Express with the tracking number we provide you. If you have no tracking number and the order is being delivered by standard post, though it usually takes 2-3 working days, it can take up to 7 working days. In this time check with your neighbor and the local post office and if after 7 working days it is still not with you contact us and we will help get you sorted.

How will my order arrive?

It depends on what you have ordered! Bikes arrive in various sizes and level of build but the majority will be wheel out of the box with only a few connections to make before getting you started. There will always be instructions in the box to help you to get up and riding. All Ciamillo products are dispatched directly from us, not Ciamillo, and represent only those products we have on hand available. Ciamillo items (pink and green brakes) requiring special order will have their purchases placed in escrow until they receive them in order to allow customers maximum transparency on Ciamillo special orders. That way purchases can be turned off if necessary for special purchase orders by the customer at any time.

How do I make a warranty claim?

Contact us directly at Irish Cycles. Some warranties during shipping need to be made by us, others by the consumer. Please provide us a list of damages and photos. Do not discard the packing material until we've completed your warranty claim. We will strive to ensure we deliver the product soundly however sometimes shippers have accidents. We work with them to resolve all issues.


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