About Us

Irish Cycles was born in 2007 to an answer to a question that has vexed most all cycling enthusiasts and racers over the years - how do I get the maximum performance at a price that allows me to concentrate my efforts on riding, racing or other performance based riding? Over the last 8 years, we've also refined this initial question with other aspects of the equation: how do we do so in a fiscally and socially responsible manner to the rider?, How do we do so in the same manner to the cycling industry? With sales in now 7 countries, how do we ensure we provide the best support possible anywhere in the world? After all, it's easy to push out a products to a consumer but the real value of something is not when it's sold, it is how we stand behind our products and those of our industry partners.

Throughout our history and on to tomorrow, we've focused on bringing you the customer the best in what the industry has to offer. We've chosen our industry partners carefully - those who represent the top of the line in their respective commodities and those who have shown they stand behind their product with fast and expeditious service whether to us or directly to you. SRAM, Campagnolo, Carolina, Time, Ciamillo.. The list goes on.. Our relentless attention to detail and pursuit of perfection is evident in the setup of our bikes with these components. The wheels, group sets and finishing items such as bars, stems, and tires are all carefully selected to provide you a winning edge, whether you're racing for a city limit sign or a national championship.

In 2012, Irish also changed slightly and decided to completely and enthusiastically seek to support those of public service whether active, retired, or reserve. With most of the company having ties to military or public service, Irish sought to refine its business practices slightly to provide discounts to those who had served the public in our American (United States and Canada), British, Korean and Australian markets. After all, quality begets quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out our new line of 2017 road bikes including our flagship, Killeen, the Epona integrated time trial bike, our re-imagined Innisfree HM2 and the newest Tir na nOg - the TNN III. You'll also find high performance wheels from Carolina Precision Components available on our bikes and as aftermarket exclusive from Irish. Looking for something extra special, spec your build with a set of Ciamillo Micro brakes. We've designed an arsenal of bikes that are capable of catapulting you to the top the podium. From the cycling enthusiast who simply values quality and performance to the Category 1 Domestic Pro squad on the hunt for an edge, we've got the ride for you. We offer complete solutions to all riders! Check back often as we expand our line-up to include new cyclocross, mountain, and time trial frames, as well as our upcoming women's specific performance package and power meter equipped bikes.